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How To Remove Radio/head Unit - Please Help! Need Instructions?pic

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Trying to save money by installing my amp and subwoofers myself. Already got the equipment just need to know how to get everything out so I can access the back of the radio/head unit.


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Get a pry tool and pry out the middle vents, and trim below the AC/Heater Control. This should reveal 4 bolts (10mm, I think). Once that's done, you can pull out the bracket holding the head unit.

The amp is located behind the passenger side glove compartment. Remove the 3 screws on top and another on the bottom. You will have to pull back the side sill by the door to reveal a bolt right by the hinge of the door. Once done, it's fairly simple to pull the whole glove box out. Amp is rectangular box on the right.

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