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Lexus Service Manuals


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I am thinking of buying the Lexus service manual. I have a Chiltons and that manual is very skimpy. I also checked out alldata and I think that is pretty good , but I am thinking that nothing beats the REAL service manual put out by Lexus.

So any experience and comments? Also, I was told that there are two manuals: a mechanical and an electrical. Since I really want the manual for tuning up and general maintenace, I figure I will just go with the mechanical. I think that single manual is around a hundred fifty or so + shipping

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I did, most of the comments are that the lexus manuals are very good. But is the mechanical one sufficient, or do I need the electrical one as well?

dang, I wish someone would sell theirs on Ebay :(

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good thought stevie

i gues he will have to check with a mod


oh that's me and the other guys

basically the group buys will be happening shortly

when the memberships are available

so there will be acess to a larger # of group buys for the LOC

just sit tight


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