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Engine Bay Cover Removal

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I've been wanting to remove the front engine bay cover. But i cant see to figure out how to remove those pins that hold the cover on. Is it as simple as using pliers to pull on the center nipple? is there a special tool? I dont want to break anything, so i figured I'd ask before attempting. Also, does anyone else come across these errors when searching the site?

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Don't use a screwdriver. I did and ended up breaking 3 of them. The way they work is, you push down on that little button in the middle and then simply lift them out. When you put them back in, you have to "reset" the little button. It's hard to explain, but if you keep using a screwdriver, you will break some.

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Push the center pin down inside the clip then lift on the outer edges. The center will not fall out of the clip so dont worry. To reset the clip push out and up on the two lower tangs. The center will then be sticking out above the top of the clip. Insert the clip back into the panel you want it to hold down, then press the center back to "flush" with the top.

What were you planning to do below the panel anyway? Hope you don't break anything under the covers.

The part number for the broken clips is 53259-0E010


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Thanks for the part number! I actually broke one re-installing them. I reset it properly, but i guess I didnt have it pushed down all the way when re-installing, and broke one of the tongs while pushing down on the pin, still works.

I had the dealer install a block heater, because shes sleeps outside, and some days here go below -30 Celsius (-24 fah) Having heat within a couple minutes is much nicer than 10. I didnt know where they were going to install it, but sure enough it was put in the worst/ugliest spot possible:


So I tucked it inside under the hood.

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OK, I just cried when I saw that you had to park your car outside in the frigid temps. I barely recovered when I saw the picture of that cord hanging out from under your hood! Then I read that you can tuck in inside, out of sight. I'm better now.

Reading these forums can be hard on a guy :( :(

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