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Some Wants For The Car...

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Things I'm looking for:

-Complete Carbon Fiber interior kit for dash/radio area/around the vents

-Cold air intake (hopefully reasonably priced)

-DVD/Computer screen (touchscreen) that will also display engine stats...time yada yada yada

-Carbon fiber hood with air duct/bonnet OR Standard hood with duct/bonnet

If you can find these things..I will...uhhh....love you forever?

Thanks for the help guys and gals

--John :wacko:

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c.f. interior: Ebay has some, they all come from "Ms. Emerald" -->runs site www.sc400tuner.com

Cold Air Intake: no such thing ---> Brave man made one : http://www.planetsoarer.com/#BFI

DVD: no clue :(

Carbon Fiber hood: no such thing ---> unless you have lots and lots of money. There is, however, vented fiberglass hood : http://www.importfan.com/series.asp?Series...esID=567&2=1182

Love me... :D

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I can only help you out with the cold air intake-they don't make one. And don't be fooled by the INJEN intake it's not a cold air, like the name says it's just an intake, your only going to get maybe 5 hp from it.

You should either build a BFI (planetsoarer.com) or replace your stock airbox with an open filter (Reactive, K&N, etc.), by a hose (3 in. in diameter &about 1 1/2 ft. long)n attach it to the fileter and route it down to your grill. The results are similair to those of a cold air intake but it's also like a ram air system. <- This is what I did and I am happy with it. I've gotten an estimated 10 hp gain and there's now a really sweet deep roar from the system that sounds really good.

I know a few people in this forum have built the BFI so I am sure that it works good too.

Good luck in whatever you do!

Oh and if you find the dvd screen you were asking about, do share.

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You can get a CF hood here in Japan, but i have no idea how much that would cost to get it shipped to the US. I think the costs were around 800 US to purchase. Plus i dont know where the shop is or how to order since i cant read Kanji or Katagana. Ill try and find the site again and post it if i do

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FOUND THE DVD TOUCH SCREEN! ... one problem though, no software for what i am looking for...screen is by Alpine...good stuff...little pricy though...

PS Anyone know any good people that would install aftermarket stuff in or near Austin, TX?


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Yeah, I know a site where you can get a 7" touchscreen for about $400-500


What you'll have to do though, is buy a compact computer, load software on it and have the output hook upto the tv. Those touchscreen TVs are made to be used with a computer, so it should be an easy setup. You can easily put together a small computer for about $300-600 depending on what you'll want to use with it. Its nice because you can store movies on there and play them with the tv. Same goes with MP3s, games, etc.

Put everything together, and your probably looking at about $900-$1200 for everything.

Downside= You will have to spend another $150 or so for an amplifier to hook upto your stock speakers, spend even more if you want to have a radio in there, because you will have to remove your stock HU to put the screen there.

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If going through all this trouble, why not just get a small laptop. (Ebay)

You can then get an FM modulator to get the sound playing through your *stock* stereo for about $30

Now for the performance monitoring, you can get an OBD-II reader that connects to your car's computer and then to you laptop's serial port.

Some special software lets you monitor and even tune you ECU.

I'd do all this and then tell you how well it went if I wasn't flat broke.

I can provide links to good FM modulators if you decide to go this route.

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