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Driver's Seat Problem

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:( I am a new member and recently purchased my 4th Lexus. I have had ES300 in the past and have been very happy. About 2 months after buying my GS I started to have back problems which were diagnosed as a bulging disk. Since then I have determined to my satisfaction that it is the seat design on the GS. I can drive an LS, and ES or my wife's Camry without pain, but have pain as soon as I sit in my GS. Has anyone else had this problem and if so did you find a way to cure it? The GS is a great car, but I can't even sit in mine.

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I have a bulging herniated disk as well in my back, yes the seats of the GS are NOT designed well for people who have similar back problems to ours. I can drive my ES for hours, or my dad's LS, but I test drove a GS and I was in pain after a 20 minute test drive. It was one huge deciding factor for the ES.

Unfortunately I dont know of much you can do.

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This is a new one on me.......lol

I have no problems with my seats and when i take my father around (who just had back surgey 6 months ago) has never said his back hurts due to my seats.

I hope every one with bad back feels better by the way....

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