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New Member Just Purchased '92 Ls400

four door

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Today I purchased a '92 LS400 that just turned the big 100,000. LS is a tan/beige, excellent plus mech, exterior and interior. A heated garaged, two owner (former certified) with complete service by Lexus of Watertown (Mass.) from day one. All service and records are up to date includeing the 90,000 major service with timeing belt etc. The only "fault" is that it came with four Michilin "winter" tires and I planned on upgradeing to 16" tires and rims if I purchased a '92 or earlier. I think I got a square deal, payed $7,500. If anyone has four stock OEM '93 or newer alloy rims in excellent condition for sale at a reasonable price I would be interested in purchaseing them. Four Door.

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May sound 'tacky' but you might want to check at the 'junk' yard. They can post on the 'wire'--may be interesting--free info.

I have '93 optional CHROME 16" wheels on my 93 and they look super---but evidently they are rare since I have only seen about one other car in 4 years with them. also the caps are chrome[have to be] and have a gold "L".

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Thanks for the advice re the "salvage yard", years ago I picked up some parts for my ES250 for pennies on the dollar there. Any ideas as to a reasonable price to pay for used LS400 OEM 16" alloy wheels in excellent condition? Also how much difference will I notice going fron the 15" wheels to 16" wheels? The 15" wheels on my '92 LS400 are in excellent condition and I'm sure the ride would be a lot quiter and smoother with new tires, my brother has Perelli P6000 tires on his mint '93 LS400 and is very satisfied with them. Four Door.

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