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Programming Phone Directory

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Purchased a 2007 GS 350 (no need to purchase any other GS since they all have roughly the same hp), anyway the instructions on programming the phone directory is not available. One would think it would be self guided - except it is not! One can't really transfer from one's cell phone directly (yes, one number at a time). However, that is not my issue - I can't get it to take speed dial numbers and names for example. Further, posting numbers to groups seems sketchy.

It seems as if Lexus, who thinks of everything, may have omitted these instructions from the pack. I called the dealer and the salesperson will program it if I bring it by, that is a one-time thing, I am looking for information a bit more permanent.

Can anyone furnish the directions for setting up the phone directory?

Thanks in advance.


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This is what i did on my Lexus GS 300 2006

Basically it is suppose to be the same procedure

1- connect your phone to the bluetooth

2- in your phone, choose all the contacts then send via bluetooth

3- the phone will disconnect itself then start the transfer operation

NB: - choose add, never replace or all the directory in the car will be erased.

- The transfer of all contacts to the car will take approx 3 to 5 min depending on the numbers of contacts

4- once the contacts have been all transfered, the phone will reconnect itself to the bluetooth

5- to add a contact to the speed dial, or the one touch log, choose a contact , then from that contact choose add or assign a speed dial

6- you will have an option to choose the location

7- location no 6 is reserved to the last call for speedy redial

Enjoy it


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unfortunately many phones do not allow you to "send the whole phonebook" at once. i have an iphone but it does not support mass phonebook transfer. i instead copied my phonebook into a blackberry pearl, and that seemed to work ok.

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One thing that I did is remove all the dash from the numbers example xxx-yyy-zzzz to xxxyyyzzzz. Once i did this with all the numbers it transfered my whole directory in a matter of seconds. Previously when i tried it would fail. This is on a new Treo 755.

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