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  1. Thanks for this. I have no idea as to the type of light involved, the car is the RX Coach Edition. I was only interested in obtaining the polymer cover of the headlight assembly (if that is the right word), the lights work fine. The plastic cover is what has clouded over.
  2. Gave our RX300 to our son who lives in the desert of Arizona after having the lens cover cleaned at the local dealer. It looked great after the treatment. Saw the can this last weekend and it is all clouded over again. My wife is concerned that the light is substandard and dangerous. Called the parts department of the dealer and asked for a price for replacements. I did not think it would be inexpensive nor did I think it would be $400+ for each side - driver and passenger. After the paramedics left I thought how best to solve the situation so, naturally, I turned to Google. The first item was Amazon. A little more browsing and replacing the entire unit is only $80ish for each side and includes the polymer lens cover. It's clear Toyota has no interest in selling the replacement polymer and I understand why they would not but, the price difference is laughable. I never found out the cost of replacing the entire unit from the dealer but, I'm certain it will not be anywhere near $80. I'm old school, I regard a dollar of revenue a dollar of revenue as long as it only costs $.60 or $.80 to make the item to sell and distribute the item for sale. Undoubtly, the vehicle is still safe to drive but, the clouding is unsightly. What have you done, if anything to solve this issue? Thanks.
  3. Bought new a 2012 450h last year, have driven normally in the 12 month time period with mileage in the low 20s v. the estimated 30 on the sticker for city driving. Most of us know there will be disparity between what is on the sticker and "real world" mileage but, 8 miles difference is a bit larger than one can reasonably expect. The government is supposed to be monitoring and checking these estimates now so I was confident of a more accurate reading. It has been mostly city driving with two longer trips. I contacted Lexus to express my disatisfaction and they responded with what I will term "customer service BS" much to my surprise. I told them in my response to add our name to a list of those owners serverly displeased as this moves along as I am confident there are many others similairly unhappy. This is our 12th Lexus and I have always been pleased with the vehicles and the service and I have to consider this experience an anomoly. If are also displeased with this vehicle and it's mileage let's join up here and put some pressure on Lexus to resolve the matter. Suggestions.
  4. I have 4 unused (driven from dealer to wheel store) rims for a 2007 GS. If interested, make me an offer. The rims reside in South Orange County, CA. Thanks.
  5. We are considering the purchase of a 2012 RX hybrid. I see the mpg is overestimated based on the comments so I will not expect 28 (especially with my wife driving - she does wheelies in reverse out of the garage). Generally, I have found most of the comments positive unless the negatives are buried elsewhere. Are there other service costs that occur we should be aware of before signing the papers? In short, stop us if we are about to do something not too bright. Many thanks.
  6. Are there any surprises if I were to tow a 2002 RX 2002 on a dolly with the front wheels elevated behind a truck? The RX is two wheel drive, however, once underway modifications may be challenging, anyone have any experience - good or bad? Thanks. D
  7. I have an 07 GS350 My iPhone has a great deal of music that I would like to play through the car stereo system if I choose to do so. How do I do that? What is the best solution for sound quality? What will I need? Does it need to be dealer installed? Many thanks for your efforts.
  8. Was surprised to learn that Lexus factory tires are likely to develop problems in the 20k - 25k range particularly if most of the driving is city traffic. I have an 07 GS350 with only 24k and the ride was very mushy after they did the engine factory recall. When I took it back to the dealer, they said it was the tires. Same tires as before the engine work per recall so I went to the tire dealer and asked for wheel balancing and, sure enough, their recommendation was also replace the tires. There was plenty of tread left even to my unsophiscated eye but, the tire dealer insisted they were at fault for what I was experiencing. Bought new tires and the ride improved to better than that previously. The dealer said that manufacturers supply marginal tires with new cars to save money. Just sharing experience.
  9. My '07 GS350 was one of those subject to the most recent recall, this one for replacement of the "engine springs" which was done late last week. Every since I can hear the engine and/or transmission, has anyone else had this problem? I bought the car new and it only has 22k or so on the odometer, tires are the ones that came with the car. This is my umpteenth Lexus and I can't recall being able to hear the engine and/or transmission, perhaps I'm delusional. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Dave
  10. Much, much more likely the tires, however, filters may be contributing. Check America's Tire for reviews of the tires you purchased. Overall, the remarks balance themselves out so one has to read into the reviews somewhat to determine what is really going on. Good luck with this.
  11. I traded my E500 for a GS b/c I preferred the ride comfort, handling and reputation for quality.
  12. I've had good luck with similar challenges on eBay, particularly if you are not in a hurry. Dave
  13. I have never experienced either of these symptoms and would suggest taking the car to the dealer ASAP. Good luck
  14. Hi - I'm also a hater of ashtrays and found a replacement at www.l-tunedparts.com, however it is not inexpensive - $200. It does give me a place to put my glasses, phone etc. which is wonderful. Manufacturers should offer w/astray and sans ashtray models, in my view. There is no access to the lighter with this solution. Good luck. Dave
  15. Hi Carolyn - You are not crazy! It sounds as if they repainted the hood (assuming it is acceptable now) and to prep it for painting they took off all the paint while FAILING to mask the windshield. Are there pits on the front of the side windows as well? Just a few, not to many. I would definitly accuse them of this, if you feel this is a liklely scenario. Are you dealing with Park Place Lexus? They have a huge comittment to customer satisfaction and I am confident they will go out of their way to make good on the problem. They worked hard to win the Malcolm Baldridge Award which is extremely challenging for a car dealership to win. Best of luck! Dave