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  1. i never understand how people think they can sell something without even bothering to post a picture.
  2. Front wheels 20x9.5 Front tires 245/35ZR20 95Y Back wheels 20x11 Back tires 275/30ZR20 97Y Those are the specs for my staggered setup on my wheels. Cant go bigger than that without rubbing.
  3. im not talking about screen resolution. im talking about the actual maps and pictures. they are not hardware related. they are software. if you downgrade to older software you are downgrading to older maps and graphics.
  4. the problem with using older software is you also get old school graphics. i returned my lexus and now i have a 2008 Toyota Tundra. It has the same navigation software as your 2008 GS's. The only way i could find of over riding it was with a "navigation pulse generator" there is a gentelman on the tundra forum that custom makes em for a fee. Basically its a little black box thats hooked up with a switch. When i want to use the on screen commands, i flip the switch and the device begins sending pulses to the navigation. It tells the computer that the car is in park. Works flawlessly. I dont see why this same unit would not work in your lexus'.
  5. go here and scroll down to post #10 it is explained in detail
  6. You need to follow the instructions exactly. Go to the thread in the forum.
  7. then maybe you should put on lotion. only other explanation is ashy skin! unless you smoke and its cigarette ash.
  8. do you have a wife? it is their makeaup/ lotion/ tanning lotion
  9. dont worry. check it in the morning. let us know.
  10. it cant be gone. its probably inside your bumper somehwere. it popped out and its in there somewhere. unless someone actually stole it off your car, which is unlikeley.
  11. get on your back on the ground under the bumper and see if you can somehow matrix your hand up in there.
  12. ya its one of your sonar sensors. the only way to pop it back in place is to get behind your bumper somehow.
  13. please post a picture. might be parking sensor, might be something else. without a pic we cant really know.
  14. Hah! I definitely got yelled at... and then some. LOL.
  15. i see you have a 2006. there is a temporary solution. pay attention to this video i made, it allows you to use all your car controls. but you must do it every time you turn the car off and back on. its handy when you're in traffic and need to quickly input an address or if your passenger wants to input an address. it is by no means a permanent solution. follow the video directions, you touch the top left corner of volume screen, then bottom left, then top left, then bottom left again. hold down the override button for about 5 seconds and let go. the permanent solution takes about 30 minutes and is pretty easy to do. read the post for the mod. it works like a charm. many people here have done it on their car with no problems. i think there is also a non-wire cutting method which involves purchasing an aftermarket product and plugging it into your car's navigation. but its expensive. just do the mod yourself.
  16. Hey guys, ive got these parts, but i have no idea what they are called. I plan on selling them but first i need to know their names. I have a feeling they have something to do with with a control arm and I know they are from a 2006 Lexus GS 430. Other than that i have no clue.
  17. im selling all 4 wheels with tires for a very generous 2750. please contact me if interested, i really need the money.
  18. i dont think its a panoramic roof. im pretty sure the roof is just painted black, but i could be wrong.
  19. I would check local junk yards. Or possibly local tire and rim shops where thy would sell used rims. If ya cant find the original ones you may be able to get cheap after market. Hope this helps. yes it did help. i found all 4 aftermarket wheels for 600. drove down and picked em up from san diego. thanks for the advice. my asanti's are now for sale
  20. the wheels that were on my car are now for sale. i have given the lease back and am now driving a new toyota tundra :-) if anyone is interested in buying the rims/w wheels on them, let me know. the tires have about 1000 miles on them. the tread is amazing. looks very new. contact me if interested. oh and one more thing, the only damage on them is a little bit of curb rash on the wheel that was on the back passengar side. very common with wheels, you cant really notice it.
  21. yes take it to Toyota. it'll cost you 30 bucks. dont waste your money on the lexus service.
  22. 98 octane? wow. life in kuwait must be sweet.
  23. open your dashboard. inside, on the left, there is a small button. push it. now try opening your trunk. your trunk should open now. this button is used for when you valet the car. the idea is, you push the button, then lock your glovebox only giving the valet the plastic remote, but not the metal key. since he cant open the dashboard, he cant disable the trunk lock button, therefore cant open the trunk either. my guess is you hit that button by accident. hope this helps.
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