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L-tuning My 96es300

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Im thinking about doing a couple of upgrades and need some input.

1)Torque master spark plugs, saw these on L-tunedparts.com and need some advice if they would benefit me in anyway.

2)Hyper ground system, saw this as well and wanted to see if upgrading the grounds for my engine would make a difference.

3)TRD thermostat, saw this and wanted to know if this really makes the engine run a little cooler, it said 10 to 15 degrees cooler.

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No clue on the plugs.

Replacing the ground is a great thing to do atleast every 5 years if it snows.

The thermostat runs cooler by increasing the pressure of the coolant. Make sure you have a strong engine and headgasket before adding the extra strain . It is minimal added pressure but still more in an old engine.

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Really it adds more engine pressure could it damage the headgasket?

Yeah I dont see those plugs being better than the Densos but I heard they are and last longer.

Im going to get the ground kit for sure, but not sure about the thermostat now and the plugs.

My engine runs perfect and there r no leaks and temperature is always the same.


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