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Hey Guys:

god I hate to say it but I made the biggest mistake of my life buying an Ebay/Fatboy Garage.

Just tried to fit this Vertex replica on my SC, and dam, not a darn thing fits to it's recommended holes. The fronts too large, the rocker panels- ones too small, and the other will crack on impact. The rear cover is stretching and probably won't hold.

Man. this was the biggest mistake I've ever made.

Anybody else have this problem?

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Ebay link? Seller's name? Ebay item #?

I'd say any replica that sells for below $700. The Distributing company is FatBoy Garage D#$@


I'm going to ask them if I can get some of my money back. I doubt they will, but a shot in the dark is worth it.

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They seems like a sleazy company!! They say on their website that they will have a new site as of July, 2006.

Today is October 18th. 2006! This is why etailers get a bad name. :chairshot:

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Well I bought a new V-speed Kit. I will recommed this bodyshop in the DC Metro Area.

AutoBody Craftsmen.


they got a new kit from VISRacing. Fits like a charm and man it looks great. Now I'm going to have to get new Exhaust tips.

The best part about them is they work on Muscle cars, classics, tuner bodykits, and racecars. THey can install roll-cages and weight reduction.

Unfortunately, I'm out of money, but in about a month, i'll get all my dents removed and get a two stage custom paint job, Expensive, but worth it. I'm also going to add a funtional rear spoiler. I'll but up pics once I have them.

Highly Recommend.

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