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Xm Radio Installation


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This week I purchased a new LS430 and opted for the dealer installed SIRIUS radio. As it turns out, the dealer didn't have the parts in stock before I took delivery. Since getting the car, I have read several posts indicating the installation isn't quite as integrated as I thought it would be. To begin, I've learned it still requires a separate antenna. In addition, I also heard the SIRIUS receiver attaches to the rear of the existing radio. Needless to say, the prospect of having a service technician tear the dashboard of my new LS apart gives me chills. Learning this, I called my salesman. He told me the XM radio installation is confined strictly to the trunk area. He said the receiver is located in the trunk and the antenna is placed inside the car near the 3rd brakelight. Supposedly, this results in completely eliminating the need to do anythng inside or under the dashboard. Is this so? Are there already existing connectors located in the trunk of an 06 LS430 that accept the XM receiver? If so, does the antenna plug into the receiver that's placed in the trunk and where exactly is it placed. I've asked for a refund, but if it's as simple as the salesman makes it sound, I may reconsider the XM in place of the SIRIUS. If anyone has had this installation done on their new LS, I'd appreciate hearing from them

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Well if it makes you feel any better the radio is a self contained unit and it is remove by the vent and 4 screws. So even if they take the radio out to adapt it . It would be of no problems to you in any way.

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