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Sure, you can install a BlueTooth kit - there are a huge number of choices from many companies - Nokia, Parrot, Motorola, etc.

But I doubt if you will be able to get a BlueTooth kit to work "jus like the factory phone" so that it dials Nav POI's (unless you replace your Nav system) and works with the OEM steering wheel phone control. But for sure you can get a BlueTooth kit to mute the audio system and play the call through the door speakers. Some people choose to use a separate speaker for their BlueTooth kits rather than splice into the audio system wiring -- it is a matter of preference. Quite a few people including Blake918, falciott, Bill H, and I have installed various phone kits (BlueTooth and traditional) in our Lexus cars.

A lot depends on the particular features of the BlueTooth kit you choose. Some have caller ID displays and even photo caller ID. Most allow voice dialing.

Trying searching for terms like "mute", "phone" and "BlueTooth" (and the above member names) to find past posts on this forum. Here is a recent thread on another forum where someone installed a BT kit to play the call through the door speakers of a 04 RX: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread...&highlight=mute

One thing I would recommend is to position the BlueTooth control module fairly high on the dash so as to minimize having to look away from the road and the need to move your hand very far from the steering wheel.

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