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  1. my navigation screen blanks out & comes right back on, no matter what i have it on. eg: radio, cd, tape. "BUT" when the car is in park the unit works soon as i start to drive the whole unit shuts down & what ever i am playing shuts down also eg: radio, cd, tape and comes right back on.......i disconnected the battery & its still doing the same thing, when i first turn the car on i cant touch the screen to operate anything i have to press the manual button. & the screen keeps saying low fuel although my tank is almost full & if i turn the unit off the screen starts back up, the navigation does not come on at all anymore even if i touch the manual button, a few months ago when i tried to press agree on the screen it would say DISK COLD......could someone help me please thanks in advance for your help
  2. i would check ebay it has tons of vendors i am sure 1 is in your area
  3. i checked autozone online & i would like to know if this is the correct OBD scanner..... part# CP9025 it says it is a code scanner for: toyota/honda/nissan, please let me know before i buy the wrong 1..........thanks in advance
  4. hey guys can i put the day time running lights relay in my 98 gs400 so i will have day time running lights & if this is possible where is the relay located?
  5. thanks for the info, we dont have a autozone or anyone over here who could really deal with high end cars, can you tell me where i can buy a code reader from in miami.....thanks in advance
  6. hey guys i need your help please, i was driving my (1998 gs400) making about 40mph when my car shut off, but the strange thing is the rpm gauge was still at about 10,000 i restarted the car but my check engine & both vsc lights came on, my brakes works fine & i even burn rubber to check the vsc, that works fine also, when i got home i disconnected the battery until morning, reconnected the battery & now everything seems fine, can anyone tell me what the problem is or if will happen again. thanks in advance
  7. get it repainted, it is the best thing to do if you want it to look right, & ask if there is any surviallance tapes where your car was parked so you could track down the person who keyed the car, & make the person pay for the paint job
  8. i have the same problem, it was suggested that the hard drive had failed, i did not change it yet so i cant tell you that is the problem but it sounds right, if you get yours fix let me know the problem please
  9. it must be the bahamas triangle [LOL] do you know if lexus sells the hard drive? & if i can replace it myself
  10. can anyone help me with this one????? my navigation says check hard disk when i touch the "i agree" on the screen. it was working fine before, the ac, cd & everything else that goes with the touch screen works fine...its the factory navigation that came in the car
  11. i would buy a pair, please post final pic & price when they are finish, one question though, i have a 98 gs400 & when i upgraded to the 01 tail lights my check tail bulbs indictator came on my dashboard. will these tail lights do the same thing??????
  12. sorry about the long wait, was waiting for the car to be shipped over here, finally reached & bought a radio from a crashed 1
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