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Factory Alarm Problems


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:wacko: Alarm is not allowing car 2 start up can someone please tell me the problem. keys all work and dealer told me theres no bypass 4 the theft system , wish i can just take the whole system out. I just put in a new battery. so upset cuz problem came from nowhere. GS 300 2001 also when i turn on ignition the break light seems 2 flash up
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Your whole post is very confusing, please slow down and reread what you post before hitting the post button.

It makes very little sense as many DETAILS are missing.

How long have you owned it.

Are you sure you do not have an aftermarket alarm in the car?

Are you trying to say when the key is turned to START OR IGNITION that the BRAKE light on the DASH or BACK of the car flashes.

Does it flash only twice?

You put a new battery in what? The car or the key head?

Only since the battery was changed you got this problem?

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