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Vzw Razr V3c Phone Ringer

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I have an 06 GS300 and I have a Verizon RAZR V3c. The phone came with software version .03 and my incoming calls used to ring through the car's sound system.

I recently took my phone into Verizon to upgrade the software to version .04 (after flashing down to .02 on my own to get OBEX back). Anyway, nowadays when I get an incoming call... the phone rings, rather than the car's sound system ringing. It's a little annoying. i liked it better when the ring came through the car speakers.

anybody have a similar experience? any way around this?

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No dig1er, the phone book has nothing to do with the pairing of the phone to the car. I have a Cingular V3 and my wife had a VZ LG, we use the same phonebook. BTW, did you know that it is possible to upload your entire phone book, all in one shot from a palm device. Just make a cartegory (mine is called Lexus) and sync the Palm to the car. Send the entire category. If you do not want to messup your existing phonebook, load the palm phonebook as phonebook # 2. Thus way you can always fall back to the original one.

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