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Egr, Knock Sensor And Check Engine Light

Bill H

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OK here it goes,

I had to have my EGR pipe replaced last week. When the intake was off one of the connectors on the left knock sensor was broken so I replaced the sensor.

Two days later the CEL came on and then today the ABS light came on. The car stalled at a very busy intersection and then when I started it I couldnt't shift out of park. I quickly pulled the cap of the shifter panel and pushed the clip down to shift out of park.

The the radio went dead, and the car started idiling high then low repeatedly.

Could this be from the other work performed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I would check you alternator/battery as well.

Time for an update.

The engine idel going up and down was due to a bad o-ring in the fuel injectors. The shop replaced them when they pulled the intake off to get the EGR pipe and gaskets out.

The ABS light was my doing. I decided to be like Blake. Since I was having new leather seat covers made at and the seats were out, I decided to pull out the carpet, put dynomat in and power wash the carpet. While pulling everything out, once again I thout it would be a good time to put a bluetooth phone system in.

When I pulled the dash apart and took the wood console out without the traction control pluged in, I drove the car to Home Depot. Well the traction control is linked to the ABS system.

What I have learned is anytime you unplug something do not start the car. If you need to move the car, plug everyting back in befor starting it.


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