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Diy Instructions On Re-sealing Rx300 Engine Oil Pan


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I did this on a 99 RX with 74K miles. The oil pan was leaking from one side so I decided to reseal the pan when I do the oil change. Once the oil is drained, put back the drain plug (torque 33 ft-ld) and a new gasket. Replace the oil filter (not easy to get to) with Toyota brand. Take out the engine oil dip stick (yellow) and place it to the side. Now you are ready to work on the pan. Take off the 10mm bolts around the pan using a wrench and an extension. Even with the bolts off, the oil pan was very difficult to separate. It was on the car since it left Japan back in 99. I purchased a sturdy Scraper with a long wooden handle from Ace hardware and hammered it through the gasket crack. Do this very carefully as you will damage the pan. Also, you need to be careful not to go in deep toward the middle of the oil pan where the oil pump hangs. Walk the Scraper through the sides of the pan and push on the wooden handle to separate. Once I noticed a separation, I used both hands to pull the oil pan off. Now you can clean the inside and outside of the oil pan with brake cleaner and scrape off the old gasket residue from the edges. Dry off the pan. Clean the pan contact area with the engine too. Apply the new black liquid type Toyota gasket ($16) to the oil pan but do not cover the holes just go around them. Once the new gasket is on the pan, you have less than 15 minutes to install the pan. Install the pan and hand tight the 10mm bolts. Torque is (Correction: 8 N-m, 69 In.-lbf). I found my torque wrench to be not useful at this low setting. Wait for a few hours before adding oil for the new gasket to get hard. I waited over night. Add proper amount of oil and start the car and check for leaks.

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Did you take a picture of the old oil pan?

No but I'll try to do a better job next time.

Just to let you know that old oil pan was leaking from the Oil Plug side so I thought maybe the plug was put on too loose but the plug was clean of any oil. As I looked further I could see wetness showing on the surface of the gasket. The other thing to mention that the process was very similar to removing the transmisssion pan except the oil pan was much harder to take off. I assume it is because of the gasket that is different than the trnasmission gasket.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions cause I feel bad not taking any pictures.

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