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1996 Es300 Aftermarket Alarm

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Just to start off, a great site: I purchased a viper 791xv alarm, i would like to install myself, since i am new to the site i am not able to 'pm' anyone yet, so i am starting a new thread, i have few questions if anyone can offer some help: 1996 es300

1. would like to keep factory alarm working conjuction with new aftermarket(do i have to setup it a

special or particular way?)

2. does it require any other parts like relays, (bypass) modules, etc..

3. has anyone already installed one on this model and know the particular wiring colors for

starter, ignition, tach, etc.. (and of course i will double check with my ohmeter, not being lazy)

4. i will be installing a aftermarket stereo, (clarion 935, flip/touch), so i will be running all my wires

at the same time with alarm install, so any advice?, already the all the stereo equip. metra stereo kit,

4 tweets,4 mids, 2 ppi's amps(art series), and 2 jl audio subs, blah, blah... (wife's car, but i like

nice tunes)

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The best advice is to buy the wiring schematic book from the dealer for $20-30.

Running wires and connecting them is one thing but do you know and understand diodes and resistors which would be used in factory alarm system connections to keep them functioning properly ?

I would run the system and everythign else but leave the alarm part to a pro asit can get rather complicated.

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