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Power Steering Pump Remomal


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Provided by Leadfoot:

1. Remove the air duct covers at the front and all the connected hoses on the pump.

2) Remove the drive belt.

Loosen the drive belt tension by turning the drive belt tensioner

counterclockwise, and remove the drive belt.

3. Remove the pump pulley.

(a) remove the pulley set nut (it calls for service tool SST 09278–54012, which is a c-spanner with perpendicular prongs that engage holes in the pulley)

( b ) Remove the pulley.

4. Remove the pump assembly.

Undo the bolts and nut then tilt the pump onto its back to easily remove it.

5. To install the pump assembly

(a) Loosely install the three bolts and the nut.

( b ) Torque the bolts and nut on the pump assembly starting with the lowest and work uppwards.

Torque: Bolts 39 NVm (400 kgfVcm, 29 ftVlbf)

Nut 43 NVm (440 kgfVcm, 32 ftVlbf)

6. Connect the pressure tube.

Make sure the stopper is touching the pump housing (as far away from the pulley as possible), then torque the union bolt.

Torque: 49 NVm (500 kgfVcm, 36 ftVlbf)

6b. It doesn't say anything about the pulley, I assume you put it on here (sorry no torque reading).

7. Bleed the power steering system.

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Loosen the power steering pump pulley set nut BEFORE removing the serpentine drive belt because the belt helps keep the pulley from turning, therefore easing pump pulley set nut removal.

However, after I removed the pulley nut and serpentine drive belt I found the pulley was still stuck and wouldn't come off with ordinary hand force. Some kind of puller is needed. I went to Autozone to rent a puller but I couldn't figure out how to connect it to the pulley so I gave up.

Now maybe you will get lucky and your pulley will come off just using your hands. Some owners have been lucky like that.

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can anyone give me guidance on the removal of a power steering pump on a 90 ls400? pictures or drawings would help or pages out of a manual

I am trying to remove it right now, however, I am having a difficult time. My main problem is to have access to the two bolts that hold the pump to the engine block.

The site shown below has a good pictorial sequence for its removal.


What tools are you using to remove the pump? With the brake lines there is not that much room. Yesterday I busted a finger!


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Mario, that's where I gave up on mine a couple weeks ago. With all the air ride lines in the way and nearly no way to get to the mounting bolts, and if you got them off, you can't even get your hand up there to get them back in. Other than the power steering leak, my car runs and rides perfect. I think I will build a shield for the alternator to keep the oil off of it, or when I win the lottery I will take it to the dealer and have it fixed.

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