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Car Making Strange "buzzing" Sound From Rear Wheel


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Hey guys,

My car is making a strange "buzzing" sound from right rear wheel.  Sound seems to be loudest on intial startup and I first tap on Accelerator.  After about 20 seconds, it seems to go away.

Any suggestions?

Hi: Wheel Bearings seems to me.


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Can you provide some more details on this? Is the noise occurring after start up with the car stopped and transmission in P? I have had similar noises from my 98 and that's why I want to see if it's the same thing. Also, is the noise a crackling noise from the rear or an actual electric type buzzing sound?

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cardona6569, I'm thinking the same thing.

SKperformance, no I don't have air suspension.

alsalih. The sound is definitely mechanical. After putting car in Drive and initially pressing the accelerator, the car has a buzzing/grinding sound. After I get above 5 miles an hour the sound seems to go away. If I stop the car and repeat the process the sound lessens. After driving about a mile, I don't hear a thing.

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I visited the Lexus of San Antonio Dealership today found out what was wrong with my right rear tire. It had NOTHING to do with the buzzing that I had previously mentioned.

It was in fact my right front tie rod. The tie rod was separated about an inch to 1 ½ inches and could have been a major problem. The vibration that I described coming from my right rear was actually the piece of aluminum to protect exhaust was bent and touching the exhaust.

Look at my 90k service post for a list of all my issues.

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