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Ls 400 Rocks!


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My LS400 rocks! I cruised from San Antonio to Dallas and back last night/this morning. My speed was near 75 to 80 mph the entire trip. I averaged around 25+ mph. I didn't just take the car's trip info, I calculated distance to fuel consumption.

The car felt just as good at 100 mph as it did at 40.

Now I know why LS400 owners love their cars.


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What year? 95?

I just drove from Virginia to CT and got 24 MPH at 75. Before I changed the air filter I got about 23, so I am happy!

Car drove awesome! My only concern was NYC.. I went down 78 from PA and once you pay EZpass you have about 100 feet to cross 6 lanes. George Washington Bridge.. Never stay on the left lane, since there are some deep holes.

Bottom line be careful on those NYC roads.. they stink!

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You are correct! I have a 99 but like akewlguy told me when I was thinking about purchasing the car. All LS400s are great cars.

Having said that, I do have a concern about my car which I'm just about to post. I'll know the "dealer" answer by Friday (day I'm turning car in for 90k service).

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