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New Tsb For Rx330 Trannies


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My girl just called and a NEW TSB is out--DOnt know exactly what the fix is because she left me a message and now she is at lunch---So go hit up your service manager!! Maybe our hesitation will be gone forever :whistles:

Ok she said its the same TSB number as before but it has been revised with a new shift program. May 20 is the revisited date.

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I had this done last month & it's shifts much better, however it took aprox 500 miles of driving learn my driving habits. I would recommend it. 

Booyah do you watch Mad Money with Jim Kramer??


Cant say that I have even heard of that show?

So with the new program, do you still get that nasty 3 second lag when your down to 1-5mph and step on the gas or does it just GO Now??

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So do you have the latest and greatest flash out there?  I bet you dont?

So do you have a TSB number or not? I had mine re-flashed and it was good for about 500 miles or so then worse than ever.

Its the same TSB number as before its just been Revised with the NEW program! So if you had you car in after may 20 you should have the latest program because thats when it came out. But seeing your guy didnt even know about the first one, then I would have him double check it with lexus database and get you the new one. She said it would take about an hour to do the reprogram

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