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Cleaning What Lies Under The Hood


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Hi, I am a real fanatic when it comes to keeping my is300 clean. But I never bother to clean whats under the hood b/c im scared im gonna break something. :( Its all dusty and grimy and I have no knowledge on to how to clean it. Can someone please inform me on what to do?

PS. I read a previous discussion on this posted not to long ago and it was still very werid b/c someone said hosing it down and while the engine is running????? Is it not one of the purposes of the hood to protect the engine from getting wet????

HELPPP! :chairshot:

Thank you!!! :D

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I posed the same question not too long ago. Of the three cars I've owned before my IS, I've always used Engine Bright by Gunk. With that stuff, you simply cut the engine off and wait until it's cool, hose it down, spray on the Engine Bright, let it sit for a few minutes, hose it off, and then let the engine dry. It's always worked great without any problems. But I've also never had a car that had as much electronics under the hood than the IS.

I'm thinking about having my IS engine steam cleaned somewhere instead.

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