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Newbie Rx300 Questions

Benjamin Tang

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hi folks... new owner of a preowned 2000 rx300 here :)

i was wondering if any of u out there know of this company:


i am looking for side steps so that the vertically challenged members of the family can get in, and front/rear guards to keep the morons out here who don't know how to park a car from scarring our bumpers anymore :pirate:

so far the only places i could find that looked half-decent was the site listed above, and WAAG?

any help appreciated.... thanks.

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I have never been to this website but it looks good. Whatever has what you are looking for.

I personally would suggest the front grille gaurd from Manik. It's polished stainless steel, and wraps around and hangs over the bumper about an inch. nothing can get to the bumper. I had it on my 03 rx300 and it worked great. Lifetime warranty too.....about $300 on dealsofsteel.com

Here is a picture of the guard. From Manik. http://autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_id=1...=y&cardist=1558

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question: will these front guards do more harm than good in the even of an accident?

Under 30-40 mph, the guard will protect the bumper and save you from more expenses (airbad would most likely not go off anyway).

buttttt....over 40-50 mph, the guard could prevent the airbag switch from going off..But c'mon...going that fast; newtons laws of motion will overcome the bolts holding it on!!! :P This is just what i have been hearing. no warning on the box when you buy it though....

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well, when i emailed WAAG they told me that it has no effect on airbag deployment because the sensors are accelerometer-based (ie. sudden deceleration caused by collision, etc.), and does not function via impact.

the argument that was posed to me by a colleague was that at front guard would cause greater damage to a unibody vehicle such as the rx300, unlike one with a ladder frame construction, such as the ML320, etc.

truth or myth? :ph34r:

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Airbags will definately go off in a frontal collision at 20mph...

Its not going to effect the airbags but it will cause more damage and make irreperable frame damage more likely.

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