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98 Es300 Starting Problems

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Hi, I suck at cars so I'm coming to you guys for help.

My 98 ES300 is currently having trouble starting. When I turn the key, the engine begins to crank but it suddenly cuts off. I tried starting the car for like an hour, all to no avail. The radio and the dashboard lights, etc. seem to work fine however. Anyone know the problem? I did a search but I couldn't find anything. That might be due to me sucking at searching in addition to sucking at cars, but eh. Thanks in advance.

Oh, and the car was working perfectly fine last night.

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sounds like your battery is kaput and it ain't got enough juice to start the car. It will have enough to illuminate the little lights and stuff but not enough power to turn the car over.

Can you get a jump?

Somehow get the battery to Autozone or Pepboys (or the like) and have your battery load tested. I'm guessing it will fail.

good luck.


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Okay, it's actually a friend's car that I was talking about, but just thought it was easier to talk about it like it was mine for whatever reason. I wish it was mine. I've got a 92 ES and a 94 Mustang GT. Anyway, I'm planning on seeing her tomorrow so I'll try giving it a jump. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

If anyone else has any more ideas, my ears are open.

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