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A/c Expansion Valve Replacement

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So my A/C was screwed up - it was the expansion valve, and me n a buddy replaced the valve (long story short) Everything is going great til I recharge the system...the air is now blowing cold and I'm like YEAH!!! (I just saved 500$) I turn the car off and hear psssssssssss. The connection of the pipes coming from the valve and the evaporator at the firewall are not tight enough...SOO I ratchet it tighter and...YEP snap...broken bolt stuck in the metal cylinder in the firewall. SO 5 days of agonizing work trying every which way to get the bolt out or work around it, I give up on that. Here's where I need ya'll!

I took the cylinder kind of thing out now - What is it called so I can order another one? Would Lexus or Toyota dealer be able to get me one if I show them?

I've basically got the two pipes on either side of the firewall (4 altogether) staring at each other IT'S SO CLOSE TO WORKING - is there any other ideas on how to connect them tightly? What would you do?

Thank you all! Btw Taking that blower out from under the dash...my neighbors must think I'm psycho from all the slamming of tools I did during that part of the job.

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