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Green 95 Sc 400

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I have looked at bunches of posts on this site regarding vibrations and I am not sure if any of them describe my situation. I have a 1995 sc400 that gives a fairly smooth ride with no vibrations when the road is fairly smooth. If the road has imperfections I get a vibration through the steering wheel. I am not talking about some back road full of pot holes. This will happen on a super highway for streaches of road and then it will go away when the road surface gets better. I replaced the struts, lower control arms and had the tires balanced at Lexus. All of these things improved the problem but did not make it go away. I am ALMOST certain that it is not coming from the drive train. If it were the drive train I don't think it would come and go on the different surfaces. Driving back and forth to work, I know the parts of the raod where the vibration will start. I am not talking about a violent shimmy but it is a vibration that you would not expect from any car much less a lexus. I love the car when it is not vibrating and want to make some cosmetic repairs to improve the condition. Until I get rid of the vibration i am not ready to start with the other upgrades. The car was driven in Florida by the first owner and I have had the car in Virginia for the last six years. The road conditions are pretty good where I live and my sense is that they were pretty good in Florida. I am at my wits end and would appreciate any suggestions as to what I might try next. HELP!! :unsure:

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Could be wheel bearings, tire/wheel imbalance, steering rack bushings to name a few.

I don't think a have any play in the steering wheel. Does that still make the steering rack bushings a possibility? Can I repace just the bushings or do I have to buy the entire rack? Is it a difficult expensive job? Thanks for the help!

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