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  1. Another great Magnaflow muffler that is a little bit more expensive and comes with the tips included is the 14829. It is a street series high performance muffler and it sounds excellent on the SC400. I highly recomend it with 2.25 inch piping into a magnaflow x-pipe then back to the mufflers, eliminating the 3rd cat and the 2 resonators. There is a couple videos at just search for sc400 exhaust. :) 2 thumbs up.
  2. I have a 1992 Lexus SC400 and the idle control valve went completly dead. No idle at all have to have foot on pedal no matter what or the car will die. Part from Lexus is $574 plus $156 installation. The part number is 22270-50010, and I have found this to not be right for the 92 SC400, I have been checking for used valves as to save money. There are two on ebay for $100 from a 95 SC400 and a 90LS400 which both have a part number of 22270-50020. Does anyone know what vehicle the 22270-50010 is off of? Also would the 50020 fit? Thanks. Also, I posted this in the new model section I think. I
  3. Update: I removed my coolant level sensor(coolant seems to be seeping out from under it when very hot). The o-ring looks to be in good shape. The orange floatation device on the coolant level sensor is cracked all the way through but looks to me like it would still work fine. I filled up the coolant to overflowing and light still lights. I am assuming the crack in the floating part of the sensor is causing it to be bad.
  4. Thought I would put my $.02 in on the LSD issues. I have a 92 SC400 and experience the same thin you guys are talking about. Many times on straight both tires will spin and my car will actually start to slide. Then again on turns it is only one tire and sometimes going straight it is only 1 tire. It seems to me like a very week LSD but I am sure its not LSD. With my car jacked up only one wheel spins. But at least sometimes you get two wheel action :)
  5. Ok so I checked my coolant right after driving for about 30 minutes and coolant is bubling up from where the sensor is located. This could be because I added to much coolant but it still should not bubble up from under the sensor. Would replacing the sensor fix this?
  6. My 92 SC400 has a "one wheel wonder" that I would like to get rid of. Do you guys know of a bolt on LSD rear end that is completly compatable. If im not mistaking LSD was an option on the SC400. Anyone know where i can get the LSD rear end will it just bolt right up? Thanks.
  7. I have a 92 SC400 and the damn idiot light to fill up the coolant always comes on. It comes on guaranteed if i drive the car long enough to get the coolant fully flowing. The light means that you need to top off the coolant however my coolant is completly full and does not need any more. I have checked several times and it is always full. Any ideas on this? Bad sensor? Problem in coolant system?
  8. Ok i did my check on my A/C and got code 23 which I already know what that is and code 41. Does anyone know what code 41 means? Does that mean I need a new compressor? Cause a shop had told me that I need a new compressor. Thanks
  9. Any more news on this, I would love some headers for my 400 :)
  10. What if he wants to take his car to a drag strip and with that 12 lbs of boost possibly trapping over 119 in the 1/4mile....I say go for it...just dont kill yourself. My SC400 reaches 150 easy so I dont have that problem :)
  11. Can you get JIC Bullet Spartan(dual) for a SC400??
  12. When I bought my 92 SC400 the sub was missing from the vehicle. I have a Alpline head unit and am looking for a sub to fit in the whole. For a while (prolly a year or more) I am not going to get a amp just run the sub to the outlet n the deck and have only the 50 watts going to it.. also i need to replace the 2 back speakers. I would like to know what type of speakers would be the best. keep in mind they are only going to have 50watts a peice rms. Thanks
  13. 1992 Lexus SC400...150 mph on interstate at about 1:30 am....smoked a Dodge Neon SRT4 :)
  14. The owner's manual is from 1992 and gas is more refined then it was back then...91 octane back then was not near as good as 91 is today.
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