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  1. Thanks!! i am now going to plow ahead.
  2. I have a 2008 es350 and I am trying to change the air filter. I don't do a lot of car maint but this has never been a big job for me with the other cars that I have owned. I opened three clips and although I can now see the filter I can't seem to get the housing open enough to get the filter out. I am sure it is something simple but in the mean time I don't want to force anything. I am not talking about the cabin air filter.
  3. Do I check the current where the wires get to the switch in door or at the control module??
  4. I just went to a toyota dealership and they said my fuses were good. I guess that means that I am not getting away cheap on this one.
  5. When I tried to adjust my rear view mirror on the driver side, the mirror would not move. I then moved the switch to the right side and tried unsuccesfully to move the other rear view mirror. It did not move either. any suggestions about the problem and what it might cost to fix????
  6. I have been looking at figuring a way to repair the drivers seat and the center console that has become a bit worn from where my elbow rests. I was looking at replacing with those leather sets where you take off the old seat and replace with pieces of leather that slip over the seat. One of the company's sells on ebay. Does anyone have experience with how well they match up with the lexus leather. My back seat is perfect and for that matter ther passenger side is in very good shape. Even if I bought the entire set (front and back) I really would rather not replace the back. I am wondering how bad would the match be between the back and front seats.
  7. Does that mean I might have to replace the entire rack or can I simply replace the bushings. I feel like I recall reading on this site that you have to replace the entire rack???
  8. I have had an 1995 SC400 for about 8 years now. For most of that time I have been fighting a vibration that you could feel through the steering wheel. After about the first three years I got rid of a lot of the vibration when I had the mounts changed on the transmission. Lexus had already changed the engine mounts. This took away a lot of the problem but I still seemed to have a shimmy coming through the steering wheel that was usually made worse depending on road conditions. I replaced the control arms and struts which helped things out but I think I finally have gotten close as result of replacing a chrome rim that had a pretty good leak. So here is my question, I don't have a shimmy any more but I do feel a more of the road bumps through the steering wheel than I think I should. How much of a difference do choice of struts make?????? I had the front struts replaced locally and I know that they did not use Lexus struts. In terms of softening the road bumps would there be a big difference between struts ?? If there is a difference, would the lexus struts be a good choice or is there something else out there that would be even better??? I want to feel less of the small road bumps through the steering wheel? Any Ideas????
  9. For about two years I have had this same problem. I will be driving down road in the winter and all of a sudden the hot air will become cool for a period of time. I can get the hot air to come back instantly simply by giving the temp control a quick twist. I have replaced the thermostat control and the radiator cap. Any ideas?
  10. I have the notorious climate control bleeding. Does anyone know of a repair place in Virginia other than the dealer who can take the climate control out and send it somewhere to be fixed. I could swear that someone posted a Richmond Va address but I can't seem to put my hands on it.
  11. I have been weaving through multiple postings and I think I am seeing multiple answers regarding changing timing belts. I have a 1995 Sc 400 and I would like to know what intervals i should be following for changing the timing belt. I don't want to be crazy conservtive but on the other hand I want to be reasonably comfortable that I am not going to left on the side of the road.
  12. Back during the summer i replaced the my control arms with control arms from a supra. After the job was done the steering was much stiffer. I was a bit disappointed because I had been told that the steering would be stiffer but I did not think it would have been by that much. At any rate about 5 days ago I started hearing a very loud noice that got worse as I turned the steering wheel. Based on reading this forum I knew this was not something to mess with so I immediately went to my mechanic. He said that my steering pump fluid was low but that he could not see any fluid on the altenator. He scheduled me for an apppointment this week to look in more detail but in the mean time he filled the fluid back up. The noise went away and miracle of miracles the steering is not stiff anymore and the car is once again fun to drive. I checked the fluid yesterday and it appears that it has not gone down. Is it possible that the fluid levels could have gone down while they were doing the control arms or would this be unrelated. And finally if they are related how much damage have I done to the pump by running it low on fluid?
  13. I believe I am smelling it through the ventilation system. If it is coming from the heating core, what does that possibly imply?
  14. On very rare occaisions I am noticing the smell of antifreeze when I start my car. It happens after I have driven it for a while, stopped somewhere for about 45 minutes and then gone out and started the car again. It only last for about 2 or 3 minutes. I have looked for leaks but do not see anything obvious. The last time I looked, I checked the coolant level and the the resevoir tank for about 3/4s empty. If the radiator cap is bad, would I see the leak right by the cap or could the leak be caused somewhere else?
  15. I just got off the phone with the parts department with Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria Virginia and they insist that there is only one replaceable bushing on the steering rack. Does anybody have a phone number of a parts department where I could actually order two bushings for the 95 sc400. I live about 2 hours south of DC and would be willing to drive up to four hours to find a mechanic that might be able to do this job. Any suggestions? I am going crazy. Based on my previous dealings with Lexus, I would tend to put more faith in this site.