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Garage Door Opener/ Homelink System


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again, i dont have the manual for my car, which really blows.

thanks in advance.


Not sure how to program the homelink since I don't have my manual with me right now.

Will check back after I can get my hands on it to see if you received a response.

Regarding your owners manual. Go to www.lexus.com Click the "Owners" link on the main page and register your vehicle. Once you are registered and signed in you will see a series of links on the left. Click "Quick Links" you can order an owners manual from Lexus free of charge.

I had to go this route to get a set of manuals myself.

Hope this helps!


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thank you everybody!!!

everyone was very helpful,

but i had no patience and just called the 800 number and got me a live person on the line. who helped me set it up. took only about 3 minutes. lol, but it's so much more convenient!!!!!

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