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Excited One Day Before I Buy


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Hello fellow LEXUS owners!!

I am extremly excited at 12:30AM about my future purchase of a 93 LS400. The car has one owner and is in great shape.

For the most part I am extremly excited to drive around in this beautiful car! My wife and I will be the million dollar couple. Its funny each day I drive down the road and my eyes are attracted to other LS400's. For the most part I am far from an impulse buyer, but after test drives and reviewing this web site I am so pumped up to drive my LEXUS!!

I hear from others it is common for others to let you go first at a stop sign. I know it is common to get others to look your way. After long rides one feels refreshed since its so smooth. There are so many pros that I know this will be a great experience every day I drive my LEXUS!!

Well I better get some sleep, but I wanted to share the anticipated excitement!

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haha im sure everyone knoes how it must feel like i remember when i bougt my first LS400 it had around 150k miles and was a 95 i wanted it so bad i paid $3 more then what it was worth :whistles: but when i was driving home some F350 rammed into the back and totalled my car i swirved and was facing oncomming traffic that luckily didnt hit me i went to the hospital and had all that good stuff :D but i ended up gettin the cars value +7k and didnt have to go to work for 2 months with pay so it was fun im still waiting on some of the money from that accident though :chairshot:

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Just to address your question- I would definately get the car inspected. I just bought a Silver 98 LS400 last week and had it checked at Lexus before I bought. It passed with flying colors but before I bought this car I saw a lot of junk- cars with frame damage etc... Be careful- the extra you spend on the inspection may head off some very expensive repairs later. BTW my inspection cost $150 in San Diego. Bumper to bumper and the car actually passed as a CPO but would not qualify only because it had 86,600 miles on it. I am falling in love with my LS400 right now and so is my wife. :) Good luck on your purchase! :rolleyes:

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Well guys and ladies one more day!! Ahhhhhh... 105 bucks for the check up from LEXUS... I am so pumped to be driving my LEXUS instead of a 91 Ford Taurus!!

From the beginning I have done the complete spectrum of mental changes in my perfect car.. A month ago I did not know what the LEXUS was never mind any mechanical issues with car. Now I am just about an expert (10x's more knowledge then before).. When I go to dealers (private or commercial) they are amazed by my knowledge of the 93-98 LEXUS.

It is really funny for a new Lexus guy to explain to an owner for 13 years the minor isses he is experiencing. My wife gets a kick out of it when one buyer was impressed by my knowledge..

Well tomorrow I have to get title and complete all the paperwork.. Wish me luck.. Thanks for all the support and knowledge!! I will show pictures Friday.

WOW I would be so bummed if my car got totalled the first day..

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