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96 Es 300 Transmission?

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I own a '96 ES-300 with 170k. today as i was driving home i heard a brief noise and my car stopped i had just enough time to get it off the road. i have had intermittant slow shift for a couple of weeks.. it happened maybe four or five times. i read the posts that i saw regarding the speed sensor, but mine seems to be working (sort of) if i start my car and put it into drive it does not move, but my speedometer reads about 15 mph. if i put it into reverse the speedometer reads about 6 mph of course in nuetral it goes back to 0. i would think that if the transmission went bad it would have either stopped dead ot it would have been much noisier or left debris or something. i do not want to spend 3 grand for a transmission if i don't have too. any thoughts or clues as to what is going on would be much appreciated.

thank you so much for your time and consideration in this matter.


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Oooooh kay. I miss understood you. You mean you put it in gear, and the car doesn't move period. not just the speedo doing crazy things. Forget the sensor.

The transmission is slipping, the clutches / band for the first ratio are destroyed/worn, or there is insuffescient fluid/pressure to engage the clutches.

Start off by checking the fluid.

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While chatting, we quickly found he didn't have ATF even reading on the dip stick

Because the gearing is partially enganging, the transmission is somewhat rotoating. It's 100% slipping, but it's still turning.

(The speed sensor is located in the front part of the transmission which always rotates with the torque convertor output shaft when it's engaged into a drive combination. As the tranasmission slips, the speed of the slipping is registered.)

It'll be interesting to see if any of the clutches totally wore themselves out.

If it drives normally, I would flush the fluid out, clean the particles out of the pan & have the filter changed.

Easier would be to drain the pan and refill, then drive around (to circulate the fluid)

Repeate again to change the majority of the fluid, three times to change most of it.

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well i came on and added fluid. no difference. i guess i am calling the tranny shop tomorrow. a little more info.. the shifter moves easily and the speedometer does as well as described above.. the only noise is when i try to put it back in park.. thanks for your help, but methinks it is too late for anything i can do myself.

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