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Radio Face Plate

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most of you probally have the 12 disc changer in the trunk for your sc,...

which is nothing to complain about, that can hold a lot of tunes,

but as technology gets better what can be done to keep the system up to date?

the radio face in my car is stock it has the tuner LCD and above that is the tape deck, its the Nakamichi (probally misspelled that) the questions are:

are new 12 disc changers available? -mainly mp3 readable, i also noticed mine does not play many burned CDs i make myself. i already tried different burners on different computers with different software.

is there a factory radio for a newer model sc maybe 2000 that has the cd slot right on the radio face?

if so -would that radio fit in the same spot and look factory installed on a 97?

(i dont mind losing the tape deck one bit) :lol:

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Our old 12 disc changer is invented in the ancient time where there is not enough memory buffer that is why it's skip all the time and crappy. Took mine out cuz I just had it with it. You can put other changer in there, but you have to use radio modulator and the quality is radio <_< . The only changer that fit our plug is 92-96 es300 and Ls400 6 changer. They are pioneer and people say it doesn't have problems like ours since they are a later model. Your last option is my option is to get a kenwood ddx7015. It will play all you want and look great in the deck. But it's heavy on the pocket. Good luck.

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