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  1. Thanks man, that looks like it! This was an awesome present to find here in the morning. I swear either I, or google, used to be better!
  2. Mike... I just experienced the same exact problem with a 92 LS400, on the same day it seems... is that one hell of a coincidence? Did you find any solution to this problem?
  3. When my ac fan is going hard it can rob electrical power from the breaks, resulting in a lurch. For example, I'm at a light, with my foot on the break, and the ac kicks in, the car lurches forward. Dangerous yes.
  4. custom is the only way to go. There is cheap custom and good custom, or so I imagine. Selling my lex, so the radio can go F*ck itself.
  5. Oh and does the toyota wire harness work with the lex wire harness? Dude at bestbuy says yes...?
  6. So, I'm taking it to best buy for installation. God I hope they don't F*ck up my car. Yeah, the pioneer I'm getting has 2 sets of pre amp outputs - so I should have them run one of those to the sub amp! That is very good news. Does the sub amp have a low pass filter in it or something?
  7. Are the rear speakers 4's. I was hoping they were 6's Okay, so HU wired directly up to stock speakers without a sub - will that sound like a boom box, or like a transistor radio? So I can't use my old amp just to power the sub... Any suggestions on the best, CHEAPEST! sub amp, to drive the stock subwoofer? Thanks again.
  8. So, should I run this new pioneer HU into my old amp, or let the 50 watt mofset (don't have any clue what that is) power my stock speakers. BTW - I'm going to leave the sub for later, any opinions about how passable the sound will be without the sub? Hey Tmaxx - when did you get that deal at best buy? Just picked up the HU from BestBuy, but can return it. The price went up, but now they've got free installation... works out better for me I guess. Thx all
  9. The HU doesn't power up, the amp was never wet. My question is can I put that Pioneer in the car, and what is necessary to do that?
  10. Okay. Have been driving my 95 sc400 for 6 months in total silence. Don't know if the HU or the amp is fried. Was hoping to do some minor audio stuff: I'd like to drop in a pioneer HU: DEH-P3700M,00.html to take a look. My questions for you lexmasters: 1. How do you put a 1 din into a custom sc400 2din dash? 2. Will this hu be able to control the radio antenna? 3. If my amp is blown, can I use this HU to power my stock speakers? 4. What about the sub? Okay here are the parameters of my situation: Am in grad school, just had a baby
  11. JamesN, What did you have to do to get it into the dash? Custom faceplate? Did you keep the factory amp and speakers?
  12. Seriously, what is it with these random posts about after market stereos going into the 4oo, then the poster just vanishes? Audio system in the 4oo is the bermuda triangle?
  13. And how much, and where did you do it? I'm tired of hearing my sc rattle along in silence...
  14. About 6'2" myself, and have figured if I move the seat all the way down, tilted very far back, with wheel all the way out I can just barely reach the steering wheel without rubbing my head too badly. My problem is I've got fine hair, and it rubs on that fabric from the roof. Every time I get out of the car, my hair stands on end, in a straight white boy afro. I've adopted a driving hat to combat the problem though I end up with hat head in that case. Serious F'up on the part of those toyota engineers. Fit better in my smaller honda prelude...
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