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  1. IMO the exhuast set up is a bit over price. You should do Magnaflows exhaust with 2.5" X pipe and get better sound and hp gain. Go to and check things out first. It should be cheaper than this set up.
  2. Go to and do some searching. But I can tell you that you will need to have a fat pocket ready because force inducting SC400 is not cheap.
  3. If you experience some lag that is normal. Our car is pretty heavy and if you have an auto then its hard to get your wheels to chirp. Our tranny power delivery is really smotth. You really can't expect it to perform like other sports car. Unless you have force induction or a 5sp SC300. Its pretty hard to make the Tire screeching. You can try to turn off the trac control Hold the Brake as hard and you can and rev up to about 2500 RPM if you can before letting go of the brake then you might be able to hear something. I'm NOT SURE OF THIS. PWR ECT is Electronic Control Tranmission. When its
  4. You dont need to seal off the under the head lights. You suppose to keep it open to have air come in. Better yet make a snorkel for it so the air will come up into your air box. Plus is you pop the front panel cover in back of the bumper open?? It used as a big air duck. That is why you need to cover the battery side to have the air going to the air box direction. BFI would work best if the air is cold like night driving and on High way. Also put in K&N filter or TRD air filter and you will definitly feel it more. I'm attaching some pics to help explain what I mean. I hope this help answer
  5. I say 97+ is a good year for SC400 becuase of the extra hp and the new body style. I like the 98 year the most because its pretty hard to fine one. But that is just my preference. Pricing is vary on condition of the car and milage ofcourse. But I think your 95 230K miles sc400 still have many good year left. I'm close to 200k miles and it still running strong. Why dont you just drive until the the engine die and put in a new one IMO.
  6. Parent getting *BLEEP* at me for cramping up the garage space so I'm selling these: - Stock Driver Side Tail lights in very good condition $125 shipped. - Stock Passenger side Tail lights also in very good condition $125 shipped. - Front stock Left and Right side marker/ signal lights set in good condition $ 50 shipped. Thank you for looking.
  7. First off does your headlight goes dim or sometime flashes off and back on again when this happen? Usually when you accelerate? If this does happen then it sound like you have a bad Grounding in your car. You need to get or make your own grounding cables and connect it through various points of frame in the engine bay. Cuz usually the aging ground cable does not conduct well anymore due to rust or other stuff. Just make new grounding points to help stablize the electrical current in our car. I hope this help. Good Luck.
  8. Great mods. I love the set up. Do you notice any extra power gain from it??
  9. I got the JIC STB for 160 at along time ago. But you can get yours at . Its alittle cheaper.
  10. There are 2 of them. One located near the thermostat and the other one located near AC compressor. See attachment, I circle it red and good luck with the trouble shoot :)
  11. As far as I know there are no performance chip for our ECU. The next best thing is a piggy back. As for CAI there is Injen intake system. But BFI still the best way to go IMO.
  12. Check your ignition coil plugs. Clean it with cleaning solvents and dry it before putting it back. If still doesn't work try to take out all of the electrical plugs or sensor plugs that looks dirty and clean it. This method works for me and i hope it works for you. Other wise it could be your CAT that gone bad. Good luck.
  13. I don't think there is any draw back from this except having to cut up your stock intake box. Here is my own version of BFI with the Injen intake pipe and air scoop(well thats what i called it :D ).
  14. Try here: I think it is much cheaper than dealers. All you have to do is put it on yourself. Hope this help.
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