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Took My 2002 Gs To Dealer For Checkup.

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2002 GS300, 48k miles.

I took it in for headlight condensations issues, ignition taking a few seconds to kick in sometimes and brakes checkup.

I was told the following: Headlights will be replaced under warranty. Cars battery is running low, and thats causing the ignition to take a few seconds. It will cost me $150. I gently reminded him that this ought to be covered under warranty. He checked, and after an hour or so called back to let me know I was right, and that they would change the battery for free. Regardless, I'm thinking thats not the cause of the ignition problem. My ex-7 series had a similar problem and after new battery and fuel pump, same problem..turned out it was the ignition relay thingy.

I also need new brake pads- dealer wants $385 to change. I will actually buy-my-parts at Lexus-parts and get them changed at Toyota for $55.

Also..dirty cabin air filter - they want $98 to change. I searched and found several DIY options.

So....they are taking care of the lights and battery under warranty, and I will do the brakes at Toyota and filter myself.

BTW..is there a place that shows the Lexus parts, and the corresponding Toyota part, if it matches? the Toyota dealership was not able to find a set of brake pads for the GS as he said part numbers are different.

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I tried searching myself for toyota pads to fit my GS (ran into a small problem on a sunday afternoon and the only place that was open was Autozone, they dont carry lexus parts, only toyota, so I tried to match them up but they were totally different.)

You have to get Lexus pads or aftermarket.

About the cabin filter. It's in the glove box. There is a tab in the back of the glove box that opens up and you pull out the filter. It takes about 20 seconds to replace it. The filter cost is $10 at the dealer.

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SEARCH!!! :pirate:

First determine the part #'s for all the parts you want to buy.  Then enter the part numbers here https://www.1stToyotaparts.com/part_number.html to get an instant price quote.  If you get a reply that says "no parts found" then it means the particular part you want to get is exclusive to Lexus and is not shared by any Toyota model. 

However, if the part is shared, you will get a huge discount off of any Lexus dealer price.  Example: Lexus dealer price for the 1990-1994 power steering air control valve is $212, but at https://www.1stToyotaparts.com/part_number.html the same exact part is only $62

If the part you want is NOT shared with any Toyota model then go to irontoad.com and email them for quotes on particular parts that are exclusively Lexus parts.

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About the cabin filter.  It's in the glove box.  There is a tab in the back of the glove box that opens up and you pull out the filter.  It takes about 20 seconds to replace it.  The filter cost is $10 at the dealer.

actually, the filter cost about $30 at dealer.

this is a great place to get oem stuff

Darrel Diller

Internet Division Manager

Sewell Lexus of Dallas


6421 Lemmon Avenue

Dallas, TX 75209

(866) 770-3099 ext: 2826

(214) 353-2826

(214) 350-5398 Fax


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