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2003 Gs 300 Spoiler,silver, For Sale

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Disclaimer: I'm a newb, sorry. Tried to post in sale forum said I can't.

However, thought this may be of use to someone. I just bought my gs last week. I negotiated the spoiler in with the purchase and after putting tint and 20's on her I like the look without it. They ordered the part in before I called to cancel it and it has already been painted to match my car(silver). If you are interested in this please let me know as the dealer is trying to get rid of it for me as well. This spoiler has the tail light in it.

Let me know if there is any other information you need on it.

I do not know how much it is worth, I know they charged me $500.

Hope this helps, and I honestly didn't mean to cross any forum rules.


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You're not allowed to post in the classifieds for a reason, you only have 3 posts. Your post will be deleted!!!! No one would buy from someone who just shows up with no history! <_<

Well we all have to start somewhere.....

Just tryin to bless someone with what I did not use.

Again, was not tryin to step on any toes.

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