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What's It Cost To Paint Sc 300/400?

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If you have been reading the forum lately you know I bought a 1998 sc300,and so far only a water leak to contend with.

The car is dark green and was in an accident as the passenger side paint is a bit lighter and orange pealy then the driver side. I called one body shop and they gave me a price of $3,500 to paint and clear coat the car the same color. stating that that price would be this low because they would not have to take off any parts like the doors, hoods etc. in essence just paint the car as it stands.

A diffrent color would have them take the car apart to paint it I did not persue that cost as I was still in amazement that they wanted $3500.

well I can live with the current paint job but I wonder what others might have paid.

As an aside I looked for other threads but to tell you he truth when I type in a "key word" you get nothing relivent I must be doing something wrong or the site needs a better search tool.

Has anyone had their sc300 painted and what did it cost. It would be interesting and helpful to see the range of prices.

thanks Scott

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I have a 92 dark green SC400 that sat in the sun in Texas for a long while not beind drivin so the paint is all faded and oxidized. I bought a body kit for the car and am going to have it installed and the whole car stripped down and painted. I got a quote from a local window tint/auto accessories shop and they said to install the body kit and have their painter do the whole car including door jams and everything it would be about $3200 plus the cost of paint. I would buy the paint myself for around like $500 so thats a total of $3700. However this also includes isntalling the body kit and this painter is excelent at what he does and has had many of his cars featured on the front of magazines. Sorry to say but I can't beat your price :( ...yet anyhow im still looking.

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I haven't had my SC painted, but I have had more than a few nice cars repainted over the years. $3500.00 is a good price for a first-rate paint job, but I'm certain you can find a much lower price. The question should be, "what kind of quality do I want?"

My Pantera cost $4000.00 to paint and didn't require any bodywork. Porsche paint jobs will cost upward of $6500, easily.

You get what you pay for.

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thats whats good about having friends. i had my uncles toyota pickup painted gloss brack for 300+paint

Good Evening,

We just got our 92 SC400 out of the body shop yesterday.

Full body, partial disassembly, lights polished, etc. Looks like new.

21 hours labor, ~$300 in paint, window tint, some seals and new emblems


I'll try and post some before and after pix.

Good luck B)

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