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Adding Bluetooth To 2004 Rx 330


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I noticed you asked a similar question last July. I've seen more information about installing Bluetooth kits over on clublexus.com but no posts specificially for a RX330.

My recommendation would be to pick out a Bluetooth kit and "just do it". Because of the variation in the way the Bluetooth specification is implemented, it may be safer to buy a Bluetooth kit from the same manufacturer that made your phone. It is not all that difficult to install a phone kit - I've done two non-Bluetooth kits for handheld phones and it is not all that difficult. San Fransisco is a big metro area - are there any car phone kit installers there?

The biggest challenge in installing a kit is to connect it to mute the audio system when a call is in progress - very nice but not absolutely mandatory if you can hear your phone ring and are willing to turn down the audio system volume manually.

It may take an electrical diagram for your RX to find a audio system mute point. Some have found a mute points in the Lexus Link system, others on the head unit or amp depending on model. I was lucky on our 00 LS in that there was an easily accessible mute point on the OEM phone system harness. On our Camry, there was a mute pin on the 12-pin data port on the headunit for the CD player.

Once you get it working properly, an integrated phone kit is really nice and well worth the effort.

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