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I have a 1993 ES300 .... 135,000 miles. I've been kicking around in my mind whether I should keep it and restore it, or go for something else. In my travels

I came across this site and the many people here who express excitement and pride in their Lexus. (some frustration) It's kinda refreshing..... and the same way I once felt. Anyway, seems to me that there's alot of good advice here...... So.... here I am. I plan to give a rundown of my car in the intro topic but I just couldn't wait to post something....here it goes.

The Radio..... foolish me ... disconnected the battery... tried to enter and re-enter the code.... now it's says "HELP". As you can see, I need more help than

my lexus does. Can I fix this?

Thanks, Dave

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I've heard of the thing reading out a, "ERR" but never "HELP"    Why did you disconnect the battery?  :rolleyes:

Ah Gez... you had to ask. I flew to florida on a family emergency. Lost my son in a car accident. When I got back the battery was done ...now ..I don't know if, in my rush to leave, I left something on or not., but , I disconnected the battery cleaned things up and put it on the charger. Haven't had a problem since. Course once disconnected the "err" thing comes on. I have 7 children, couldn't remember which birthday I might have used as the code and after the tenth try the thing comes up "help". .... Dave

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First off, I am sorry for your loss.

Second, try the last four or five digits of your VIN. I have heard this somewhere.

If that doesn't work, you may have to go to the dealership. Since the wrong code was entered possibly more than the allowed tries, it may have locked you out totally. The dealership may know the proper code. Give them a call and see what can be resolved over the phone.


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