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Hid Purchsase

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Hi all. Just got rid of my '98 SC300 for an '01 GS300. Love the car! A couple question regarding HIDs...

I saw a set of HIDs from an '02 GS430 for sale on eBay. Currently my GS300 has non-HIDs. Are the HIDs from the GS430 basically plug-n-play or are there ballasts that must be installed in addition to the headlamp unit? Is the wiring and wiring harnesses for the non-HIDs compatible with HIDs?

Any help is greatly appreciated! Happy driving...

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If they are selling only the housings, then you will need ballasts and bulbs to complete the project. The housing will bolt on just fine. The wiring is not plug and play but it is only a few wires to splice.

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I have a 2000 GS300 without HID and purchased the green tinted HID assemblies with bulbs and ballasts off of ebay. Swap didn't take long at all, everything bolts right on and looks / works great. The wires that come with the ballasts are very short and pretty much go straight into a connector, so instead of just splicing in I did the expensive thing and went to the Toyota dealership (armed with the part numbers from the service manual) to order the connectors and their accompanying wires. Just spliced those in and was set! If you've got any specific questions about the swap (it's rather straight forward), just PM me!

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