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Nav Mods In Progress


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As many of you already know that I have added a 2005 Toyota Camry nav to my 1997 Lexus Es300. I am now in the process of adding a few more goodies. The nav is capable of a rear view camera so that will be added soon. It activated when car is in reverse. Also, I have found a module which will enable me to add a DVD player to show on the nav screen. I have already added the voice comand microphone. Not really that great at recoginizing comands since there are more than 100 comands. Looking into a bluetooth upgrade soon also. The DVD player will be mounted in the same location as the CD changer as I no longer have that. It was not compatable with the Nav unit I purchased. To date, the nav unit has performed flawlessly. It's the best nav unit I have ever used. It is made by Fujitsu 10 (makers of ECLIPSE HEAD UNITS). All connectors are the same as the eclipse counterpart. I have added the Toyota XM radio unit to my car and that also works perfectly. Antenna for both GPS and XM have been covertly mounted under the rear trunk shelf fabric material. No problem with reception at all. Speakers will be changed to MB quarts all around. Looking for a 8" sub replacement if anyone can suggest. The nav has preouts already so I will run them to a small amp in the future if I decide to change the JBL factory amp.

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I have a 2005 ES330 with the NAV system. I thought maybe you could answer a couple of questions since you have done these mods already:

I looked at the Infiniti and the RX. A cool option was the backup camera. Is it possible to get this on the es330 by going through another installer?

Also, I asked about playing DVD's on the nav console and they said the systyem did not work that way. It sounds like you found a mod that will make it work with DVD's? Or am I SOL with my factory NAV system?


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