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Over 200k Odometer Replacement?

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I have an instrument cluster on eBay now (that I used for temp when I had my original out to fix the needles). The mileage reading is 164XXX miles I received a question from a bidder in relation to the odometer going over 200K. He inicated that he was told that you would have to get the odo reset back to 0 at 200K miles and Lexus would put a sticker on the door frame to indicate that 200K needs to be added to the reading?

I had never heard this and that doesn't really make sense to me - otherwise why have the six digit odometer. I thought the first digit would read anything in the 0-9 range depending on the miles. I have yet to be over 200K in a Lexus and the only ones I can find on eBay with over 200K are early LS 400s with the analog odometer.

Can anyone confirm or disprove this?

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I've never heard of a dealer doing that before.   <_<    I found this picture of Maine92ES's car  in the highest mileage thread....


heh, my contour did this with an analog odometer. It read all the way up to 299,999 miles and then rolled back over to 000000. i was shocked! i called ford and asked if it was normal, they said they didnt know becaue they had never seen a contour go that far. i pulled it out and apart and sure as *BLEEP*, the last digit only went up to 2, when it came time to roll around to 3, it went back to a 0! weird...

finally i asked around int he contour owners club locally here where a few members have reached over 300K, and they all had the same issue, so i determined it must be normal. i just had to make sure that at every inspection the odometer reading was reported as having a 3 in front of it, i didnt want the carfax report coming back with a damn inaccurate reading!

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