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hey guys...

finally, i'm a Lexus owner now.

i bought a 93 GS300 with 165000 miles for $5500.

overall condition is good for a 12 years old car.

however, there are some things that bothers me.

1. the center wood veneer around the transmission is peeling off, i know ebay sell the woodtrim kit, but i only want the replacement for the broken piece.

2. the cupholder is missing, where can i get it?

3. the driver sidemirror is broken.

4. many cracks on the leather seat, any treatment?

oh...and one more question.

which type of motor oil would be good for my car considering it has a lot of mileage on it already.

i've only owned her for 2 days, but i'm really impressed with the car and i love every moment driving the car.

thanx for the reply, guys.

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Congrats, You can buy just the center piece from places some dash kit places. Do a searchon google. I think it's around $50 0r $60. The cupholde can't be bought alone you must buy the whole assembly, $149! Or keep checking EBay like everyone else. Sidemirror EBay or junkyard, Do you just need the glass only or the whole assembly? I will have one shortly as I'm replaing mine with JDM's just need to paint the JDM ones. Leatheseats, I just bought a new set of skins so I will be selling my old ones, drivers seat is worn on the bolster side with small tear, all the rest are in great condition. Otherwise you're looking at over about a $1000 for a new set of skins that you can install or pay someone to install. B) I like mobil one synthetic or Amsoil synthetic for oil.

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