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All I Can Say Is Wow


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Thanks for all your help and advise about purchasing a 2000 LS.

Here is a little history, I was deciding between a silver/black and black/beige/platinum 2000 LS400.

Well this weekend I went with friend on a road trip (800+ miles) to buy an LS400. I had a deposit on the silver/black (at Acura dealer) because the price was better than the black/beige/platinum (at Toyota dealer) I was looking at. The good thing was that the dealers were only 25 miles apart (go figure), so I went to look at the black/beige/platinum (at Toyota dealer) first. Well when I get there with, I saw the pre-owned sales manager and give him my keys to my truck (2000 Ford F150 harley Davidson) that I was trading in and went to look the LS. My friend went to get the keys and I went to look at the car, I didn't even have to open the doors I know I did NOT want the car, the interior was in really bad shape, not just dirty but the seats looked real worn and were saging and this on a car with 34k miles. My friend came over with the keys and I told him don't bother, we opend it up anyway and looked inside to confirm that I definitely did not want it. So I go in to the sales manager who is still trying to locate the saleman and I tell him that it's not really what i wanted and asked for my keys back. He reluctantly gave them back to me and and kept asking why I as not interested. I told hil I just didn't like the inteior color (didn't want to tell him that he lied to me when he told me that the interior was inexcellent condition, my friend even said that if he thought the interior was in excellent condition then he is in the wrong business). As I tried to drive away he ran after me telling me what is he gave me a better price, I told him he was $1.5k more than the othe dealer and even if he were to beat the other dealer's price I was still not interested. He then said what if I sold it for a lot less, I still said thank you, but that I just was not crazy about the interior. So at this point I am very nervous about the other car, so I called the saleman and tell him that I am 30 mins away and ask him again what the condition of the interior was, he tells me excellent (again I am thinking, man I am going back in my truck). Well I get to the dealer and look at the car's inteiror immediately and to my surprise it was in EXCELLENT condition and I am very picky. The car was in excellent shape interior/exterior/mechanically and the color combination was exactly what I wanted (someone told me to look at both to see which one moves me and this color combo definitely is what I wanted and the darker wood definitely looks better on the darker interior) . I say one small ding on the rear passenger door wheel well, they did the 30k service (tires are only 4 months old, based on service records and servicing dealer). We did the paperwork and he kept his end of the deal (my truck was filty and I told him I can go to a car wash if he wanted me to and he said not to worry and they looked at my truck and was very happy with my description of it and I was happy with his description of his car) and I drove off in my new LS400. On my drive home the car is amazingly quite and comfortable. It drives extremely well and handles great, I love the car's roominess and am happy I got the LS over the GS or 5-series. My friend also thought the car was in excellent conditon and he is in the autobody business and looked over the car for me and was satisfied with everything (color matching, gaps, etc.)

So all in all I ended up with the car I looked at first for a decent price, I hope. Now all I have to do is register it and maybe tint the windows.

BTW: Anyone tint their car and what % tint did you guys use.

Again THANKS to ALL for your help

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Good deal!!! Glad you got the LS ---silver & black is good combo....

You will be pleased with the ride every time you get in it :D

I tinted my LS about 20% (I think)....look in the "Members Gallery" for some photos - page 5 or so.....

If you are DIY.....this LS is pretty easy to keep serviced up to 90 when the Timing Belt is due.


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