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  1. I just sold my 2000 LS400 to get an SUV, currently looking at 96-97 LX450 (would like a newer one but my budget only allows an LX450). What is a 1997 LX450 (about 60k) worth, it's suppose to be mint, one owner and no accidents. Thanks all for your help AGC
  2. Well, here is a quick history. I posted a question on this forums asking what my car was worth (2000 LS, 44k, NO Nav/Nak, all records with 2 sets of wheels), people responded and on the same day I got a PM from a member. Long story short he made me an offer and we negotiated a bit; the result my LS is now in OR. Now I need to get a cheaper daily driver (suv), any suggestions between 1998 Toyota 4Runner or 1999 Chevy Tahoe Thanks to everyone for your help and advise
  3. MadMax96, The wheels are 18" and the suspension is stock
  4. Thought I post a couple of pics of my 2000 LS400 with ASA ST3 Tell me what you think
  5. Quick question guys, what is my car worth. 2000 LS400 Silver/Black 43k miles Premium Package w/heated seats NO NAV/NAK All service records from Lexus from day one (including pre-delivery checklist and window sticker) No accidents/clean Carfax 2 sets of wheels (18" silver ASA ST3 and 16" factory wheels) Thanks for your help AGC
  6. MadMax96, How much are you looking to spend
  7. I have searched the forum and have come up with several things that could be causing my vibration problem. But I am not sure which one to tackle first. Here is my scenario: About a couple of months ago, I had my strut bar replaced, due to a clunking noise I heard from the front end and vibration during higher speed (65-70 mph). After the strut bar was replaced, I noticed a vibration even more at around the same speed. I figure that my wheels/tires needed to be rebalanced. At the time I knew I was going to change out my wheels/tires to 18” (factory 16” were on the car), so I figured I wai
  8. Wow, that is a good price. As for getting a 98-00 model over a 95, I think it's worth it. I have a 2000 that I bought 8 months ago, it had 33k miles when I bought it and now have about 41k. All I can say is it is a great car.
  9. Thanks guys for all your reponses, I have not bought anything yet (not really in a hurry). But I do agree with everyone about minivan, I have always had a minivan since I was 25. I think they are the best thing out there, yes even better than Lexus, they serve many purpose and are comfortable and easy to drive; let's just say I will always have a minivan of some sort. My wife's current daily driver is an 04 Honda Odyssey and we love this thing, will probably keep it another two years or so. The reason for the full size SUV is for when the weather is bad (snow), she drives with my 2 boys ev
  10. How many miles does it have
  11. nc211 , I did get your PM and will definitely be taking you up onit. Thanks
  12. Thanks guys, I was leaning towards the Sub because I hear that sheetrock or plywood would fit just fine. With the LX I hear they are very comfortable and drives great. What my concern is that this vehicle would not get used often, only during bad weather and here in NY/NJ I feel better with my wife driving a bigger SUV, especially since she commutes with my two boys daily. Understanding what the cost of fuel is currently, I still feel better if they were in a bigger, safer SUV. Lastly my budget is realyy about $11k-$12k (tops)
  13. Dust, Thanks, I feel the same way about Lexus, I just bought a 2000 LS400 with 33k miles back in Feb/Mar and have put over 7k miles on it. I love the car, it has a great ride and is very economical for an 8cyl car. The LS400 is my first Lexus and I love it, I just don't know much about theoir SUV. Again I just want something safe, realiable and confortable.
  14. Guys I need your help. My wife and I decided that we should get a used SUV for the winter and also for doing the Home Depot run, she doesn't like using her Odyssey. We narrowed down our choices to a 96-97 Lexus LX450 (70k) and a 99 Chevy Suburban LT (44k), both can be had for about $13k. I have never oned a Suburban, but have always wanted one and I have a Lexus LS400 that I used daily and love it. Now IO know gas prices are very high right now, but with the amount of use we will have it should be ok. Also my wife commutes with my two boys everyday, I feel much better if she is in a fullsize
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