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Different Kind Of Scratches

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I've been reading with great interest all the excellent detailing advice. However, I've got a slightly different problem. My new-to-me 2001 ES300 has many, fine scratches all over the lower, flat surface of the walnut console (around the shift lever). I suspect is was poor cleaning and polishing by the prior owner.

Any suggestions on how to get them out of the plastic(?) finish over the walnut?



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Megs ColorX might be a little harsh for plastic,although it works very well on paintwork I would suggest using a Plastic Polish (Megs #17) if this does not remove them then 'step-up' to a more abrasive polish

Trim cleaning:

The wood trim in most vehicles (Mercedes Benz uses real wood) is protected with a urethane clear coat, polyurethane or a thin lacquer, which is very easily scratched. Remove scratches with a fine polish (Meguiar's #17 Clear Plastc Cleaner / 10 Plastic Detailer, or Groit's Fine Hand Polish) and then wipe with a damp 100% cotton towel.

Maintenance- use an anti-static plastic cleaner protectant (BTI Chemicals Plexus@ Glass Polish & Cleaner)


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I've used polishes like the ColorX on real wood panels before and never had a problem. In my experience if you can use it on paint, you can use it on real wood trim.

I agree you should always try the least aggressive step first though.

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