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Door Switch On An Es


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On my 95 Es i was trying to program the key to lock and unlock the doors thinking that it was the battery on the remote and after a lot of struggle and following the steps suggested on the forums no luck... and then I checked all the door switches as the idiot light on the cluster showed up as aa open!

after taking the rubber boot out i found the switch broken and as soon as i took the plastic peice and the contacts out of the place the keys started working too... now i need to know how to fix the broken switch if somebody knows please let me know.....

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I've got a similar problem on my 96 ES 300. The rear passenger door switch is not working. The cluster on the dash is not lite when the door is open. The power lock works perfectly with the remote. The annoying thing is that trying to strap my son into the the car seat with that door being first opened, the auto locking feature kicks in about 10-15 seconds later. The interior light won't turn on unless I open any one of the other doors first.

I will call my dealer or look for it at my local salvage yard. Does anyone off hand how much the switch would cost? Will a Camry switch work? There shouldn't be problems with installing a new switch (ie. alarm shorting or reprogramming) or anything to watch out for?

Thanks in advance.

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