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Qstn For Those W/parrot Ck3000 Handsfree...


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I know I've seen a couple of folks on here talking about their liking the Parrot bluetooth handsfree kits, specifically the 3000. I've got a '96 LX450 and the 3000 kit. My qstns: Did you install it yourself? And if you did, where did you get the adapters necessary to connect the kit w/the stock head unit?

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I would be quite surprised if you found adapters to integrate the Parrot or any other aftermarket phone kit with the head unit of your LX. A European company named Connects2 has integration kits for a few Euro car models that display phone call information on the radio's display but it would be a long shot to expect one to fit a U.S. spec Lexus. It is also "possible" that the "45MUTETOYOTA" harness from Dashmount U.K. might work (with an additional adaptor for the Parrot) since it is listed as applicable for mid-90's Toyota Landcruisers - but it is a long shot. Mute leads like the ones from Dashmount generally just supply power to the phone kit, mute the audio system when a call is in progress and play the call through the front door speaker.

Using an external speaker (comes with most phone kits) with your Parrot and hiding it under the driver's footwell should provide good sound quality. Your LX was probably prewired for one or more Lexus phone models which likely means that you can find a mute point without getting near your head unit. I found a mute point in a 6-pin connector (two rows of three pins) under the center console in my 00 LS that was apparently meant for use with the Lexus "Portable Plus" phone - the mute pin was the middle front pin. A 2nd mute point was in an OEM phone harness connector in the trunk.

Phone kits are generally straight forward to install although quite a bit of interior trim removal can be necessary to route all the wiring. PM me if you want to discuss...or I will try to watch this thread.

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The kit SHOULD be easy to install, but the plugs on the kit are wrong. I bought the kit second-hand, so that's probably the start of my problems right there. And, believe it or not, I've taken it to 5 different shops - from cellular to car audio - and nobody will install the thing.

I could wire it myself if I had the pin-out for the factory radio for my truck. Can anybody provide any help here?

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The wiring harness for the Parrot has ISO connectors commonly used on European car radios; Lexus headunits do not have ISO connectons. I can believe that no installer wants to get involved. I had zero luck either in trying to get a "professional" phone installer to help me - I tried every one in Kansas City. They were all afraid of frying my Nak so I had to do a lot of research to figure it out.

You might be able to obtain the headunit pinouts from with a $10 one day subscription - I don't know though if it goes into this kind of detail.

Using an external speaker would prevent any chance of frying your radio. Here is a thread on the Expansys phone forum on how to connect wires in the Parrot kit to attach to an external speaker:

Here is a thread on Clublexus where a GX470 owner also used an external speaker with his Parrot CK3000:

I would think that a local phone installer would sell you a 8 ohm speaker from another brand car kit for a few bucks or just give you a used one. They are pretty cheap.

This document on the Parrot website discusses which wires are for the power and which are for mute:

According to the above doc, the yellow wire on the Parrot kit is for mute - same as our Nokia kits. Like I said before, if your LX has a connector for the Lexus Portable Plus phone under the center console, it likely has a mute terminal just like my LS. In my LS, this same connector has power - I think there were separate pins for switched and unswitched power and ground but I don't remember - my power wires for my phone kit are attached at the ignition switch and the ground wire to a bolt on the firewall. The mute wire on virtually all phone kits - Bluetooth and hardwired - grounds when a call is in progress - same principle used on the Lexus OEM phone system and most other cars with a built in mute point.

Here is a a link to another thread that has a PDF showing how I installed my phone. It contains a photo of the connector under the console of my LS and how I attached the mute wire to it:

Keep at it. You will be successful!

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Here is an example of an external speaker that would probably work - it is comes with several Nokia kit models:

This speaker normally comes with a plastic U-shaped bracket that attaches to the sides of the speaker with curled knob bolts.

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Thanks so much for all the info. It was pretty frustrating to be turned away time after time by all the "professional" installation folks.

I've looked briefly through your notes and the sites that you recommended, and I think that's gonna be the way to go.

I'll let you know how everything turns out, and if I have any more questions I'll post 'em here to see if you can help.


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